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Electric Stand Mixer Reviews 2021 | Make Bread Dough Effortlessly with Best Home Dough Makers

Mixing dough is an inevitable baking adventure for bread-making beginners, and yet, a tiring task for seasoned bakers who have to make numerous dough every day. Luckily, dough maker machines have gained successful development, and they can save us from the tiredness of kneading dough for hundreds of thousands of times. Now the process of making dough is only a piece of cake due to the electric device.


The Benefits of Using an Electric Mixer


The invention of the dough mixer machine is a boon to those who are up to their ears in a lot of businesses, for example, housewives who have to take care of children and do chores at the same time, bakehouse owners who have to produce hundreds of bread in a day, white-collar workers who have limited time for cooking, and more. These people just cannot let cooking occupy too much of their time. We believe that when it comes to the time-consuming dough making process, most of them would prefer an easy-operating tool to help them complete the job.


Typically, there are electric hand mixers and stand mixers. Hand mixers are comparatively lightweight and portable, and they allow us to use any suitable kitchen container to hold the ingredients while mixing. A Stand mixer is larger as it comes with an additional bowl. The fixed bowl would save your time from finding a bowl, and free you to do other tasks while they do the work.


Most mixers are easy to control, and commonly they would include high speed and low speed. Changeable stirring speed can affect the quality of dough. For example, making dough for pizza or bagels and incorporating cream and cheese need different intensities of beating. The adjustable speeds can accommodate various kinds of needs.


Except mixing dough, typical electric mixers also serve other applications. For example, mixing a large bowl of salad, beating egg whites, incorporating water and starch, and so on. Mixers usually come with a set of accessories to replace the whisk part when needs occur. The attachments mainly include a dough hook, stirring whisk, flat mixer and spatula.


Clatterans Electric Dough Mixer Buying Guide


Clatterans has the best dough mixers for sale. Listed below are the top-rated three picks.


Product CL-HM938 400w Ultra Power Kitchen Electric Hand Mixer CL-SM236 Electric Stand Mixer with 5-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl Black CL-SM236R Electric Stand Dough Mixer 5L Bowl Red
Power 400W 800W 800W
Speed 5 3 3
Accessories Dough Hook, Mixing Beater, Egg Wisk Dough Hook, Mixing Beater, Egg Wisk Dough Hook, Mixing Beater, Egg Wisk
Bowl Size Not included 5L 5L
Product Size 33.79cmx20cmx8cm Approx. 33.9cmx22.7cmx32.3cm Approx. 33.9cmx22.7cmx32.3cm Approx.


CL-HM938 400W Ultra Power Kitchen Electric Hand Mixer 



The hand mixer has a wide range of uses. The spiral whisk design is its prime feature, and a set of whisk accessories are included like a dough hook, flat beater and wire whisk. You can incorporate various kinds of ingredients by choosing the right whisk or hook. The powerful 400W motor can motivate the whisk to rotate constantly, strongly and steadily. Better still, there are 5 speeds to choose from. To mix water and flour, you can set a slow speed to ensure they are fully incorporated, and when it comes to beating egg white, you can swap to a faster speed for a perfect result. This 400W hand mixer satisfies all kinds of baking or cooking needs.


CL-SM236 Electric Stand Mixer with 5-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl Black



This electric stand mixer makes baking a piece of cake. It features a strong 800W motor, a fixed stainless steel bowl, and 3 adjustable speeds. All parts are fixed and ready to be used at any time you want. Better still, you can change the whisk to a hook or a flat beater, as various kinds of beaters are included to meet your requirements. The 5L bowl is large and tall enough to prevent splashing and it is also removable for easy washing. The stand mixer allows you to stir different ingredients perfectly and most importantly, it frees your hands to do other tasks.


CL-SM236R Electric Stand Mixer Dough Maker 5L Bowl Red



To make the high-quality dough in a short time you need a useful electric stand mixer, and this CL-SM236R dough maker will be your best kitchen partner. It comes with a strong 800W motor, which can quickly motivate the installed whisk to incorporate ingredients, and various kinds of beaters are accommodated such as a dough hook, flat beater and more, allowing you to deal with more types of ingredients easily. Better still, the 5L stainless steel bowl is removable for easy cleaning. The electric stand mixer will be the star in bakeries and any kitchen.


A Take-Home Message


Always buy a suitable mixer home. It is not easy to get both durability and affordability from a product, but it is realizable by shopping on Clatterans.com. Clatterans mixers are constructed of premium constituents, and can show eye-catching performance in every kitchen. Now buying from Clatterans, you will be able to enjoy blowout prices. Whether you’re looking for a compact mixer for small spaces or a splurge-worthy stand mixer for your countertop, Clatterans always provide the best of the best.

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