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Home Security Camera Reviews 2021 | Burglar Proof Your Home Business And Protect Your Family

Home security is to be viewed as an important part of life not to mention the increasing burglaries. The home security system is an effective choice to keep your home protected. It provides homeowners or renters, especially those who travel for business frequently, with the ability to monitor your home anytime anywhere. This gives you peace of mind that your home and property is secure all the times. The home security device ranges from indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion sensors, smart locks to video doorbells and many more.

The Benefits and Functions of Home Security System

The first that most people think of is to protect your family. Family means everything and gives you a sense of belongings, and we would do anything to keep them safe. The home security system is a meaningful way to care for your loved ones. It allows you to remotely observe what’s going on inside and around your home from your phone while you’re away or on vacation.

Next is to protect valuables, especially for people who like to keep antiques, jewelry, exotic cars or other high-value items at homes and in the garages. Installing security cameras around your house not only protects your cherished items and properties but also keeps your family safe and gives you a sense of security.

The best home security cameras have great features, such as high resolution, wide-range lens, proper night vision range, affordable cloud storage and local storage for recorded video. These security cameras, whether wired or wireless, can record both inside and outside of your home, and save the footage locally or in the cloud. They can also be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to monitor your property on your phone, pad or PC.

The smart home security camera with a heat detector or an advanced notification can protect your home or business from fire, gas or other problems. Some have an alarm that can scare away those attempted burglars and notify you via an app on your phone. Getting a home security system can lower the insurance fee because of break-ins as well.

Clatterans Buying Guide for Home Security Cameras

Product 360 D801 Outdoor WiFi 1080P Smart Wireless Home Security Camera Dustproof Waterproof 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell Wireless 1080P WiFi Intercom Security Camera Ring
ConnectivityWi-Fi or LANWi-Fi (2.4GHz)
MonitorSmartphone or Pad AppSmartphone or Pad App
Field of View120 degrees162 degrees horizontal,
100 degrees vertical
StorageCloud, SD card, Hard Disk (Max 6TB)Cloud, MicroSD card
AI Facial RecognitionYesYes
Two-Way AudioNoYes
Night VisionYesYes
Power Source12V-1A (3m power cable)5000mAh lithium battery (included)


360 D801 Outdoor Wi-Fi 1080P Wireless Security Camera Dustproof Waterproof

This 360 D801 is an excellent security camera for its build quality and great performance. It is ideal for monitoring various places such as home, office, shop, garage, workshop. The outdoor security camera can be connected to Wi-Fi or Lan network, allowing you to view live footage of activities outside of your home. It offers both cloud (paid) and local storage through an SD card or Hard Disk. The 1080P resolution and infrared night vision can capture every detail at any time of the day. Its wide 120-degree viewing angle enables you to see more and clearer what’s happening around your home or business. It is easy to set up anywhere needed together with multiple accessories like screwdrivers, expansion screws, cable clip holders. The camera is IP66 rated to withstand years of wind, rain, snow and dust.

360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell Wireless 1080P Wi-Fi Intercom Security Camera Ring

This Wireless 360 D819 Video Doorbell is best for people that need a battery-powered camera for monitoring the front door of the house during day and night. The rechargeable lithium battery pack can run for one or two months after fully charged. It offers a simple way to safeguard your home or business against theft, invasion, and even unwelcome salespeople. The camera delivers a broad field of view of up to 162 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. The unit can record live footage of anyone approaching your door and send an instant notification on your phone wherever you are. The two-way audio system allows you to listen to or speak with the person outside. The wireless camera is easy to install and has an infrared vision at night for clear viewing results.


Adding a security camera system to your home gives you and your family an extra layer of defense against potential invasion and burglary. Clatterans’s best home security devices offer reliable and professional monitoring at affordable prices. They enable you to monitor your home and belongings from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. These security devices are easy to install by yourself. Explore and find the right one at Clatterans for your home or business security needs.


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