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How to Choose the Best Faucet Water Filters | Tap Water Filter Buying Guide 2020

A high-quality faucet water filtration system is growing popular nowadays as people realize there’s a wide range of contaminants that may show up in the water. The benefits of using faucet water filters go beyond your imagination. Let’s find out the perfect faucet water filters which fit your home the best.


Six Benefits of Filtered Faucet Water 


Convenient to use

Installing a faucet water filtration system is the easiest way to access clean water. Unlike the refrigerator water filters and whole-house water filters which require an expensive refrigerator with a water dispenser or a complicated installation, the faucet water filter is way easier to install and cost-efficient. 


Save your money 

Drinking filtered tap water is obviously a more economical choice than drinking bottled water. In addition to the pricey cost, the water bottles may constitute pollution to the natural environment. Here is another fun fact, sometimes the water contained in the bottles might be processed using urban water, so what you really have paid for is only the bottle. Using a professional water filtration system at home will save a lot of money, and at the same time, you are allowed to enjoy safe and crisp water at any time. 



Plastic bottles are a pollutant, and its degradation will take at least 300 years to complete. Abandoned bottles now can be seen anywhere: sea, waters, valleys, streets, etc. Some wildlife has paid the price for us human. For example, a seabird’s body was found full of plastic garbage. Protecting the environment will be our priority, but how do we do our bit as an ordinary citizen? It is simple – quit buying bottled water. 


Filtered water is more health-beneficial

Water filters are efficient in filtering out impurities and pollutants such as chlorine, disinfection by-products, and heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic, in the meanwhile, beneficial minerals such as magnesium, fluorine, calcium and zinc can be reserved. Filtered water can improve skin health, and strengthen the immune system. 


Filtered water tastes and smells better

Urban water often tastes like fluoride, and after boiled, most beneficial minerals are removed and will lead to a tasteless flavor. Filtered water comes with better flavor because while its impurities are removed, the minerals remain. 


How to Choose the Best Faucet Water Filters? 


1 is bigger than 2

Some buyers hold a faith that the more filters a water filtration system works with, the better the filtration capacity it has. That is a wrong thought. The capacity of household water filtration systems relies on the effectiveness of their filters rather than the quantity. Therefore, while choosing a high-performance water-cleaning device, make sure you have made a thorough research on the quality of the filters. What’s more, try to choose the disposable types so the water will always be filtered thoroughly and away from double pollution. 


Name brands should not be the only consideration

It is common and reasonable enough to take brand-name products as the first choice. But not all brand-name products come with good quality, durability, or even effectiveness. What we should concern the most is the brand’s professional competence on water filters.  


Choose activated charcoal filter media 

Despite some said activated charcoal filters had been out of the date, it is still the best filter media now. Almost all water filtration equipment is using activated charcoal filter materials. Activated charcoal media can be particles, powders and rod-typed. The first two are cheap in cost but their filtration capacity is less efficient, and the last one is a safer choice, which can filter impurities nearly 100%. 


Here Are the Best Tap Water Filters 


To save your precious time and effort on searching out an ideal faucet water filter, we have listed some premium-quality tap water filtration equipment and replacement down below, so you can make a fast and secure decision, and offer your family with clean and healthy water as soon as possible.  


Advanced Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter System



This tap water filter offers a great choice for most households. It features high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel housing, which is toxin-free, crack-resistant, long-lasting and leak-proof, and the most advanced Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filtration technology, which is efficient in removing impurities and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The filtered water comes with a better taste and smell. The water flow reaches a speed of 0.5GPM, equivalent to 8 cups (8.5 oz/cup) of clean water per minute. Moreover, the unit fits all standard faucets, and is easy to install. Compared with other expensive similar products, this high-performance faucet filter is priced only $59.99. 


Clatterans Faucet Filter Cartridges Compatible with Brita 36311



Buy cartridges depending on its effectiveness instead of its brands. This faucet filter cartridge replacement compatible with Brita 36311 offers a lower price, but comes with the same good quality by adopting premium natural coconut activated carbon block. The cartridge removes up to 99% chlorine, and captures heavy metals, bad taste and odor, sediment, rust and more. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 4 months. Most important of all, at Clatterans this filter replacement comes in 3 pack and costs only $34.99. 


Clatterans Faucet Water Filter Replacement for PUR RF9999 



You should pay for what really works but not just the brand’s name. Such as this faucet filter replacement, you can expect both high filtration capacity as well as affordability from it. The filter replacement comes with premium filter media, including coconut carbon block which is powerful in catching contaminants and particles. At the same time, it is leak-free and durable. Adding to the outstanding filtration capacity, this product’s 3-pack price is only $34.99. It will be the best deal you ever get. 


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