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How to Choose the Best Onion Chopper? | Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

We all love home-made dishes, which are healthy and cost-saving. When cooking, it is inevitable to cope with cutting or slicing veggies such as potatoes, tomatoes, and more often, seasoning ingredients like onion, garlic, chilli, and so on. Chopping work can take up almost half of the cooking time, and sometimes it could even bring pains–onions are notorious for their strong irritation to our eyes. Also, when we chop them manually, the smell will stick to our hands for a long time. Here, we provide the best kitchen gadget to avoid this problem.


Benefits of Onion Cutters


The market is always sensitive to people’s needs. It offers us choices of various kinds of onion choppers, so we can get rid of the time-consuming preparing work before cooking.


Most onion choppers require only a simple pull or several to start slicing, and the electric ones require only one press. The experience is quick in seconds. Cut in the sealed container, the onion would not be able to emit any formidable fumes to our eyes. Compared with manual chopping with a knife, it also saves our fingers from a possible cut.


In addition, chopper tools are not only for onions. You can apply it to slicing, mixing, or cutting other vegetables, fruits, nuts, chocolate and other suitable ingredients.


How to Choose the Best Onion Chopper?  


There are different types of onion processors for meeting various needs. But which to choose? Just think carefully why you need an onion chopper and what you want most from it, then you will know which is the most suitable for you.


Electric Vs Manual


Electric onion chopper is totally power-activated, and usually features one or two slicing speeds, which also means you cannot control the size of the onion pieces. Make sure you are okay with the result of the electric chopping before you choose the electric type of the cutter. Also, it needs regular power-charging. Compared with the manual types, it is easier to control, which requires only one press on the button to work it up, and the process is quicker.


Manual choppers usually feature a pull switch. The chopping speed is still fast, but by pulling the cord that activates the cutting blades you will have more control on the sliced vegies’ sizes. Pull less, and the pieces will have larger sizes.


The Best Onion Chopper to Choose From


Vegetable Slicer with Container and Blades



This vegetable and fruit chopper is multifunctional with various types of cutting accessories. It comes with seven interchangeable stainless-steel blades, one drain basket, one egg-separator, one peeler and one hand protector. The slicing process is easy to operate. The hand protector safeguards your hand from a cut, and the anti-slip rubber strips on it will strengthen your grip for added safety. What’s more, the chopper unit includes a large-capacity container measuring 12.5inch x 4.5inch x 4.5inch, able to hold up to 1.2 liters of veggie pieces. It is a practical tool to deal with a wider variety of vegetables.


Electric Mini Garlic Chopper USB Charging



This electric onion chopper offers the easiest operation to turn food into pieces. All we need to do is to put what you cut into its jug and press the button to actuate the slicing blades. The stainless-steel blades are durable and sturdy enough to cut quickly. The food-grade plastic used to make the jug does not contain BPA. With a capacity of 150ml, the chopper’s jug is easy to store and perfect for mixing seasoning ingredients. Also coming with USB charging function, it is suitable for carrying away for camping, travels or other outdoor activities.


In the end


Creating a comfortable kitchen for your own requires many tools you need. Kitchen gadgets such as onion choppers will save you from the seemly endless chopping work. Moreover, believe it or not, the useful gadgets will create you more bonding time with your family members. Electric garlic cutters allow children or the elderly who have less strength to do the cutting job, giving them more opportunities to hang around with you. 


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