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Ultimate Camping Guide| Must-Haves for Foolproof Camping Experience

Camping is not only a classic way to commune with nature, but also a bonding and nourishing experience with our family and friends. It is good for your physique, mind and spirit to obtain a better balance from routines and go out for ultimate fun and relaxation. However, campers who just pack up their stuff and head into the wilderness are not likely to have a good camping trip, which even puts themselves in danger. Without full preparation, an outdoor adventure can easily turn into a nightmare involving smelly unhealthy drinking water, annoying pests, noisy children from which will eventually make you freak out. How to be a happy and prepared camper?

What To Know Before A Camping Trip

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to check the local regulations of your destination before you leave. Most campgrounds are open but still run on protocols to decrease the virus spreading. Some will require campers to wear face masks. In some areas, facilities and buildings in some parks or lands are limited to access with services and programs unavailable. If you are there, it suggests that you save trips to popular sites and attractions for future visits to avoid crowds.

What To Bring On A Camping Trip

Having the essential supplies and gear can make a total difference in your overall enjoyment. New campers sometimes have daunting packing, while even experienced campers often overlook some tiny things. Some compact tools are necessary to be taken with you. To help you become a smart camper with the best advice and tips, we put together a checklist to make your camping fun and stress-free.

1. Outdoor Water Filter System

Clean drinking water is incredibly important for any camping trip. Unsafe water in the wilderness may cause inflammation in your stomach and intestines. You may also experience symptoms like vomiting, severe abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. For any extended adventures into the wilderness, a treatment device for purifying your water is in absolute need. Here come some useful and lightweight water filters.

3.25 Gallons Drinking Water Filter System Water Purifier for Indoor & Outdoor

Clatterans Outdoor Water Filtration System with a total capacity of 3.25 gallons can serve 4 to 6 people at once, suitable for small group campers or long trips. The water filter is portable and works on gravity without electricity, making it perfect for party, motel, camping, hiking and other outdoor purposes. Crafted from top-quality 304 stainless steel, the water filter system functions effectively with a coconut shell activated carbon filter cartridge, removing most harmful chemicals, particles, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, funky taste and bad smells. It is approved by NSF/ANSI Standard 42 to meet quality and safety assurance. Last but not least, the portable water purifier is easy to use and install without tools, which ensures it becomes one of the best options for outdoor adventures.

2000L Portable Water Filter System Hiking Camping Gravity Water Filtration Kit

Water filter straw is also convenient for camping, hiking or adding into an emergency kit. Lightweight and versatile, Clatterans 2000L Portable Water Filter Straw is compact to fit right in your hand. This is an easy-to-use straw filtration system allowing you to drink directly from the river, lake or rainwater. Helping reduce your pack weight, the filter is ideal for camping, hiking, scouting, military, travelling, fishing and any outdoor recreation. The water straw uses filter media with 0.1-micron absolute filtration to offer you clean and safe water without chemicals, bacteria, viruses and impurities. It can be stored in emergency preparedness kits and survival bags or kept in a car for use when unexpected disaster strikes. Besides, designed in medical grade and BPA-free construction with premium ABS housing, the water filter straw remarkably resists scratch and impact on the go.

3000L Water Filter Pump Portable Hiking Camping Gravity Water Purification Kit

Made for one-person use, Clatterans 3000L Portable Water Filter Pump is a mini water filter with an ultra rugged yet lightweight design. Measuring 5.8 inches in length, the water filter will not weigh down your pack, so it is easy to take for outdoor adventures or international travels. Using advanced technology, this filtration system works in two filtration stages which include antibacterial activated carbon filter and 0.1 microns hollow fiber UF membrane inline filter. It can remove harmful substances and waterborne bacteria by 99.99% and makes your drinking water smell and taste better as well as surpassing EPA drinking water standards. The improved valve structure ensures the purifier produces a fast flow rate of 600ml/min steadily, while a 47.5-inch long inlet hose provides easy access to any water sources. Crafted from solid metal for heavy use, this water purification system is a great choice for backpacking, camping, hiking, scouting and emergency kits.

2.Pest Control

Camping is about having fun, appreciating the beauty of nature and making memories with your family or friends. Unfortunately, insects can ruin your camping vacation and make it more of a pain than a pleasure. Besides, some pests will bite or suck blood, leaving you with awful discomfort and potential harm. Here are tools to free yourself from swatting at bugs and insects during your entire camping trip.

Hot Summer Flies Killer Salt Pepper Bullet Blaster Mosquito Fly Outdoor Salt Shooting

Clatterans Flies Salt Killer available in a variety of colors is made of high-grade ABS plastic and non-toxic, shooting a larger load of ordinary table salt to decimate pesky insects outdoors, including flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs and more. The salt blaster is easy to operate and works with no batteries, practical and convenient for camping. The salt shooting device stands out with impressive reliability, incredible durability and lasting strength. Furthermore, it provides endless fun for you while helping rid annoying pests during the trip.  

New gunsight for Salt Gun Fly Killer 3.0 2.0 Constant and Short Light Mode Gun Laser

Clatterans Laser Bug-beam Sight with Switch is a great add-on accessory specially designed for Salt Gun Fly Killer 2.0/3.0. It features a heavy-duty aluminum structure coated with a black finish. It is durable and lightweight for lasting and easy use. The gunsight is the perfect auxiliary aiming accessory. The high-brightness dual-mode laser successes in accurate shooting without any false shots. In addition, the laser light is easy to assemble with no tool required.

3.Cook Supplies

In addition to the main cookware, some supplies help cook on your camp trip. They work to save your time and energy for a delicious camping meal.

Electric Mini Garlic Chopper

The intelligent electric food chopper is a time-saving and convenient tool for food preparation. Free from the trouble of manually crushing food, the chopper is easy to operate by pressing the switch to make it work automatically. The food cutter has a good-grade and BPA-free plastic cup body, ensuring it is safe and strong to accommodate food without containing bacteria. The built-in durable stainless steel blades and powerful motor ensure efficient, quick and fine grinding. With a 150ml capacity, this automatic food grinder is compact in size, lightweight and easy to store. The body and the lid are detachable for easy cleaning. Better still, the USB charging design allows for long-time use and easy portability, making it ideal for camping, picnic, hiking and travel.

Pro Meat Thermometer with Backlight & Calibration for Outdoor Grilling

There is nothing better than enjoying a perfectly cooked steak when camping. Clatterans Pro MEAT Thermometer is the most useful device to check meat is being evenly cooked or not. With a temp range of -58°F ~ 572°F, this thermometer comes with a large digital screen and a high precision sensor, detecting the core temperature of meat within one to two seconds. It is power-saving thanks to its auto-shutoff design if the readout stays on for ten minutes. This model is versatile and multifunctional for baking, deep-frying, beer & wine brewing, jam making as well as checking the temperature of bathwater. Easy to fold and carry, this thermometer is perfect for indoor cooking, BBQ, grilling and camping.

4.Recreation Toys & Gadgets

Preparing toys and activities is a wise and awesome idea for camping with your children. Kids’ camping toys can help focus their energy when you need to prepare meals, make a fire or simply sit down for some rest.

Min Simple Dimple Sensory Fidget Toy Stress Relief Anti Anxiety Hand Toy for Kids Teen Adult

The mini fidget dimple toys are not only a recreation for children, but also a pressure release for your family. It is available in high-quality ABS construction with a smooth rubber surface, which is non-toxic, durable and tear-resistant to make it suitable for children playing. Small in size and light in weight, the dimple fidget toy is easy to store and transport for outdoor adventures. With a variety of colors and sizes, it can help kids quickly restore their calm and concentration. The fidget toy set is also a good helper for adults alleviating stress and relieving anxiety or those who suffer from ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism.


There’s nothing like a camping trip to escape and unwind from the stress of modern life. Take the essentials, plus some extras to make your camping trip more enjoyable and comfortable. The camping gear at Clatterans stands out with incomparable performance, exceptional quality and unbeatable prices. Come and visit us!



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