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United States’ Water Facts | Top 10 States and Cities with the Worst Tap Water

The Flint water crisis has raised people’s awareness on the safety of public tap water since 2014. At that time, over 12,000 children and 100,000 residents were exposed to drinking water with high levels of lead because of the aging pipes. Those aging pipes also caused of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the county that killed 12 people and affected another 87 in 2016. The safety of municipal drinking water is too important to disregard.

Unfortunately, high-quality drinking water is increasingly difficult to come by in this day and age. While we’re lucky in America to have access to water that is largely free of disease-causing microorganisms, drinking unfiltered tap water is generally not a great idea. There are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water even after it’s gone through municipal water treatment facilities. In fact, these water treatment facilities add dangerous chemicals like fluoride and chlorine to water as part of the treatment process.

Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, parasites and living organisms. Your body is a living organism. So, what do you think it’s doing to your body? Research today has been linking chlorine and fluoride to many ailments in the body. For example, many urinary tract problems go away if you stop drinking chlorinated/fluoridated water. Additionally, many municipalities transport their water through metal pipes which corrode over time, leaching toxic heavy metals, like lead and mercury, into the water after it has been treated.

As recent research shows, Michigan isn’t the only state dealing with dangerous water. We’ve gathered the top 10 states and top 10 cities with the worst public water ratings across the country, ranked by the total number of people served with unsafe and hazardous water. Come and find out if your state or city is on the list.

Top 10 States with the Worst Public Tap Water

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. New Jersey
  5. Georgia
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. Washington
  8. Ohio
  9. California
  10. Arizona

As we can see, the top economic states like Florida, Texas, Carolina and Washington with high GDP growth and job creation, also have the worst public water ratings in the country. The top industrial centers like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio suffer from old pipes and decades of unregulated mining which may cause cancer, liver damage, and birth and developmental issues. Arizona is known for its vast deserts and mountains which means its water is scarce. Its tap water is dangerous as it contains the highest average levels of chromium-6. And Puerto Rico has poor water quality ever since the hit from massive hurricanes Irma and Maria. Georgia, a sunny state, sadly processes polluted rivers, streams, and wells and fails to pass national drinking water standards.

Top 10 Cities with the Worst Public Tap Water

  1. Fresno, California
  2. Omaha, Nebraska
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Reno, Nevada
  5. Haworth Borough, N.J.
  6. San Diego, California
  7. Jacksonville, Florida
  8. Pensacola, Florida
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Navajo Nation, New Mexico

These cities listed above all contain more 10 different contaminants above health guidelines in their drinking water. Contaminants like arsenic, lead, nitrate and nitrite, atrazine, manganese, and total trihalomethanes are usually found in these cities.

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