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What Should Be Filtered Out of Water? | Health Tips

Using tap water directly is not a smart choice, especially for family with children. Even though it has been purified in water plants, some studies reveal that there are still contaminants and impurities remain. And among the harmful contaminants, heavy metals can produce a great impact on our health.


Human activities offer a shortcut for heavy metals to get to build up in our body. For instance, industrial activities, farming, mining, transportation, and so on. Things are easier for heavy metals to pollute underground water and run-offs, which can be the source of our water supply. It is reported that over 71% of the global population has been using safe drinking water. But a poor-conditioned household water processing system, residual chemicals from the water plants, eroding water pipes, inappropriate water reservoirs, and so on, can pollute the water at any time.


How Do Heavy Metals Affect Our Health?


Poisonous metals are accumulative in human body, and our body will not be able to eliminate them independently. In a short time, they are harmless. But when they snowball in a long run, their effect will be fatal and permanent. Our brain will suffer much. The damage results in mental and central nervous malfunction, significantly impaired lungs, liver, kidneys and other important organs. Moreover, heavy metals are also known as carcinogens.


The harmful effect is stronger when it comes to young children. The accumulation of heavy metals in children will affect their nervous system, which will lead to learning difficulties, memory disorders, and further lead to aggressive and hyperactive behaviour problems.


There are three heavy metals that play an active role in metal poisoning incidents: lead, mercury and arsenic.

  • High levels of lead can result in coma, convulsion or even death
  • Lead may affect the development of infants in the womb
  • Lead can cause problems in children’s brain development
  • Lead poisoning can lead to renal failure
  • Lead can also cause other neurological and behavioral effects (especially in children)
  • Mercury affects the digestive and immune systems
  • Some mercury compounds may corrode eyes and skin
  • Mercury is toxic to the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Long term exposure to arsenic can lead to cancer and skin lesions
  • Arsenic is also associated with several cardiovascular and nervous system diseases
  • Acute arsenic poisoning causes vomiting and abdominal pain
  • Arsenic also affects children’s cognitive development


How to Remove Heavy Metal in The Drinking Water?


Removal of heavy metals from drinking water can be achieved through household filters. And most of them are easy to install and use.


Whole House Water Filtration Systems


The greatest benefit to install a whole house water filtration system is to give your family all-round protection, providing clean water through faucets, shower heads, washing machine, water dispenser, and more. The filter system will remove high levels of chlorine, minerals, and synthetic substances that are usually found in city water. Over 30 kinds of hazardous contaminants can be filtered out. Entire whole house filtration is a worthwhile home investment.


Faucet Water Filters


Installing a faucet water filtration system is the easiest way to access clean water. Unlike the refrigerator water filters and whole-house water filters which require an expensive refrigerator with a water dispenser or a complicated installation, the faucet water filter is way easier to install and cost-efficient. Water filters are efficient in filtering out impurities and pollutants such as chlorine, disinfection by-products, and heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic, in the meanwhile, beneficial minerals such as magnesium, fluorine, calcium and zinc can be reserved.


Buy tap water filters from Clatterans: Advanced Stainless-Steel Faucet Water Filter System



This tap water filter features high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel housing, which is toxin-free, crack-resistant, long-lasting and leak-proof, and the most advanced Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filtration technology, which is efficient in removing impurities and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The filtered water comes with a better taste and smell. The water flow reaches a speed of 0.5GPM, equivalent to 8 cups (8.5 oz/cup) of clean water per minute. Moreover, the unit fits all standard faucets, and is easy to install. Compared with other expensive similar products, this high-performance faucet filter is priced only $59.99. 



Use Shower Head Water Filters


Shower head water filters are good for our skin and hair. It reduces chlorine in water effectively and at the same time, the impurities in the air in the bathroom. Therefore, shower head filters help cure respiratory diseases. Chlorine is irritating to acne on our face or skin by taking away natural moisturizing oil on our skin and hair, and damaging the growth of probiotics on the surface of our skin. A capable shower head filter can capture up to 99.99% of chlorine and thus ensure the health of our skin and hair.



Buy tap water filters from Clatterans: Clatterans Shower Head Filter with Double Filter



This shower head filter features a dual filter. The internal one is composed of composite activated carbon fiber, whose absorption rate is 5 times of the traditional carbon, and can remove 99% of chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, beneficial minerals will be reserved. The base of the shower head is transparent, allowing you to check the filtration process. Also, replacing cartridges is a breeze, which only requires unscrewing the base and fit the new replacement in. The life span of the filter is six months. Tested by SGS and with FDA certification, this shower head filter guarantees its quality and safety.


Tips to Take Away


Urban water or underground water contains many unseen impurities. And as they may damage our health, we need to install water filtration systems in our house to remove them. In addition to the water-cleaning devices recommended above, there are still many other kinds of water filters to choose from. You may choose one based on your budget and what you really need. Clatterans.com offers not only premium-quality filtration systems, but also high-value filter replacements which are compatible with most brands’ filtration systems.

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