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What Should Be Filtered Out of Water | Remove Chlorine From Water at Home

It is not exaggerating to say that tap water is the most important resource we live up with. It decides how we are: if the water is good, we will be healthy and happy; If bad, we will be in tremendous trouble.


Three types of common contaminants found in tap water


If you survey the city water, you will be as surprised as we are. Our tap water does exit contaminants and impurities, and some of them are harmful. What’s worse, most of them cannot be seen, tasted or smelled. Once the level of these contaminants goes high in the tap water, the impact on our health can be fatal. Here below are the commonest culprits that contaminate the water. 


  • Chlorine/ Fluoride: these two chemicals are rarely absent in the tested city water samples. They are useful in removing bacteria or pathogens, so they are mainly used in municipal water plants for water treatment. Surplus chemicals will go with the water into our water reservoir. The toxic chemicals are confirmed as carcinogens.
  • Metal: metal contaminants usually include Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, and Iron. If we don’t change the rusted pipes and waterways that tap water travels through in time, the harmful metals can leach into the water and end up in our stomach.
  • Industrial waste: tap water near farm areas or industrial factories usually can be found with pesticides, fertilizers, prescribed drugs, manures, fuel, oil, and chemical solvents.


Compared with the other two types of contaminants, chlorine is the primal enemy we need to get rid of in our daily life, because it affects our life more profoundly and broadly.


What does chlorine do to your body?


The harmful effect of chlorine is unpredictable, but it is absolutely something serious.


  • Bad taste and odor: firstly, it can cause unpleasant taste and smell. If you’ve drunk the swimming water, you’ll know how the chlorine tastes in the tap water. The bad odors will turn your head whenever you want to drink water. In a long term, you might end up hating drinking water, and thereafter dehydration.
  • Asthma diseases: breathing in chlorine can aggravate your pre-existing asthma diseases.
  • Congenital abnormalities: expecting women should stay highly caution to the exposure to chlorine. Studies show that the trihalomethanes in chlorinated water can make the pregnant to give birth to children with birth abnormalities.
  • Possible carcinogens: studies show that chlorine has a slight link to carcinogenic effects.


We can take in chlorine by daily water drinking as well as taking showers. Shower time is said to be one of the main means by which chlorine get into our body. When we flush our mouth with the chlorinated shower water, or when the chlorinated steam fills the bathroom, chlorine can sneak into our body through the esophagus and respiratory tract. 



How to remove chlorine from water?


We have to take chlorine seriously before it does unreversible harm to us. The best way to remove chlorine in tap water is to use water filters, especially the ones with activated carbon. Activated carbon is highly efficient in removing chemicals, odors, particles and other impurities.


Clatterans offers the best way to remove chlorine in your tap water. We have various kinds of water filtration systems to meet your different needs.


Clatterans CL-RF27 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Compatible for EDR1RXD1


This  CL-RF27refrigerator filter replacement from Clatterans is compatible for name brands’ products such as the model of EDR1RXD1 or Kenmore 9930. It uses state-of-the-art technology and coconut shell activated carbons to help remove chlorine, lead, mercury, cadmium, and thallium. The high quality allows it to last as long as six months. The water filter is able to serve purified water of up to 200 gallons. No tools are required when it comes to the installation which is incredibly simple to conduct. What’s more, it is leak-proof. It will work just like your original OEM filter.


Advanced Faucet Water Filter Stainless Steel Tap Water Filtration System


The premium-quality faucet water filtration system is suitable for any standard taps. It adopts high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel housing for crack-resistant performance. Therefore, it plays a good job in leak prevention and long-lasting service life. The faucet filter also highlights the most advanced Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) filtration technology, which is efficient in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, removing impurities such as chlorine, dirt, sand, rust, and improving the taste. Its water flow can reach 0.5 GPM, equivalent to about 8 cups (8.5oz/cup) of clean water per minute. The water filtration unit is easy to install.



Clatterans FDA Approved Shower Filter with Replaceable Cartridges



This shower filter adopts CND technology to give raw materials high-densification treatment, which can make the shower filtration system highly efficient in removing impurities, such as chlorine and other harmful substance. The contained activated carbon fiber ensures the filter to remove chlorine up to 99%. Moreover, the filtration unit features a double-filter design, which allows you not to replace the composite filter frequently. Its transparent visual base enables you to watch the filtration performance at ease. The filter unit comes with SGS approval and FDA certification, giving you a reassuring using experience.


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