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7 Tips to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water | Effective Guides About What You Can Do

Dogs that do not like drinking water are easier to be exposed to life-threatening dehydration. In a long term, this can lead to lithiasis or inflammation in their urinary system. Adequate water-drinking has obvious benefits, such as preventing heat stroke on hot days. Therefore, if you have a dog who doesn’t drink enough, you should do something for a positive change. After all, we all want our furry friends to live longer for companionship.


Tip #1 Make the broth

We believe it is rare that dogs might come to This situation where they extremely hate drinking water, or refuse to drink because of painful illness. But once it occurs, serve them some meat broth. Make sure the broth has no salt and seasoning, and the fat oil on its surface is removed. This method is not suitable for long-time use, for which it can lead to obesity. In urgent cases, the broth is effective.


Tip #2 Offer soy milk

Some dogs have a special taste for something beyond water, such as soy milk. You can consult the vet for advice when you take your furry friend to have a body check. If the dog is diagnosed with no soy allergy, digestive problems or other relevant diseases, you can feel free to prepare some soy milk or other special drinks he likes. This method does not fit puppies because their digestive system is not strong yet.


Tip #3 Chew toy

Give your furry friend a chew toy. They might feel thirsty fast after the great passion for chewing the toy or bone, and that will encourage them to take a little more water. Little by little, the small quantity of consumed water still means a lot for the dog’s health. When you want to lead your dog to have some water, offer it a chew toy of its interest, allow it to chew for a while and take it away. Then put some water in front of it.


Tip #4 Homemade dog food

Cooking food for your dog will ensure that every nourish it needs is included, such as H₂O. To encourage your dog to have more water, you only need to increase the water content in the special serving, such as soup, vegetable juice, etc. Remember to use ingredients and cooking methods that will not harm your pet.


Tip #5 Wet food

Wet dog food like canned food contains 70% of water. We always regard wet food as an auxiliary choice, but in fact, it can replace dry dog food as the main food. Wet dog food is suitable to feed dogs, for it has balanced, all-round nourish, and at the same time, sufficient water content. If your dog feeds on wet food, you will not worry too much about its extra water consumption is low.


Tip #6 Do more exercise

Will you drink a lot of water after a workout? Yes. So does your furry friend. Doing exercise accelerates the consumption of water in our body. Due to the quick loss of water, our body will urge us to compensate it with equivalents or even more. Therefore, play this magic to your dog too. Take it out for a jog, tiring it until it pants, then head back home and you will see that it will search water at once. This method will drench its thirst for an amazing result. When you cannot go out of the house, playing ball or starting a chase game will work as well. Just find ways to make it move excitingly.


Tip #7 Offer clean filtered water

When water smells bad due to weird odors, dogs will refuse to drink it. What results in the stink smell could be the overgrown algae in your water reservoir, impurities or other possibilities. Use a water filtration system, you can avoid the problem in a breeze. Water filters such as tap filters, gravity water filtration units, whole house water filtration systems, refrigerator water filters, and so on can make a remarkable difference, purifying the contaminants and odors in water strongly.


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