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How to Purify Dirty Water in the Wild

People love exploring nature. However, one wouldn’t last more than three or five days if they run out of clean drinking water. It is not realistic to carry water that can last for 3 days as it is too heavy. There are actually some practical ways to get rid of contamination, bacteria, or parasites in water from the outdoors and make it safe and drinkable. Let’s find out.


It is the cheapest and a comparatively efficient way to kill the harmful substances in the water, as most bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive in high heat. Make sure that water you boil doesn’t contain physical materials like dirt and leaves. Set up a decent fire under a solid container, and boil the water for at least 10 minute with it bubbling for at least five minutes. It is one of the best wilderness water purification methods.


It is a simple and popular way among many outdoor enthusiasts to kill bacteria and microorganisms which sit in the unfiltered water. Just drop in a couple of purification tablets or drops (usually refer to iodine, but chlorine or potassium permanganate are also effective), and shake or stir the container for about 10-20 seconds to ensure that everything is evenly mixed. Let the chemicals treat the water for at least 20 minutes before consuming. However, this method is not necessarily the best tasting one and time-consuming as it can take up to 30 minutes to be totally effective sometimes.


It is a surprising and unusual way to purify your water. It requires people to have a strong understanding and familiarity the plants in the wild before using them. If you’re an expert in this aspect, do have a try. The following plants are proved to be effective in removing contaminants from water: Rice and coconuts, Plant Xylem, Cilantro, Fruit Peels, Reeds and bulrushes, Jackfruit seeds, Java plum seed, Banana peels, Moringa Oleifera and Oregon Grape, especially their peels and shrubs. You can create clean drinking water by sealing and soaking the water in a bag with these plants.


It is a useful way to purify salty water in the wild as fresh water is hard to find sometimes. You will need a large container, a smaller container and a cover to make a solar water distiller for separating the water from its salts and minerals. Place the smaller container inside the large one and fill the large one with water. Cover the top with a plastic cover and make sure it is indented towards the smaller vessel. And then the condensation collects on the cover in a way that causes it to run down and drip into your smaller container. This process is bit complicated and usually takes a long time to achieve.

Water Filtration System

It is the most recommended way to purify your water in the wild. An outdoor filtration system is portable, easy to install and efficient at removing 99% of contaminants. For example, a Clatterans CL-1015 Replacement Water Filter for BB9-2 Black Berkey System can remove 99% of harmful substances, such as bacteria, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more. And you only need to replace the filter every 4,000 gallons. The Clatterans CL-1025 Replacement Water Filter for PF-2 Berkey Fluoride System specializes in removing fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metal ions in the water.

The installation process is simple enough:

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