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Salt Gun Reviews | How to Make Killing Insects Fun and Effective

When it comes to killing flies, spiders, insects, mosquitoes, bugs or some creepy crawlies which intrude into your house, you probably turn to the common methods of helplessly slapping a rolled-up newspaper in the direction of the pest, spraying some mosquitocide to the insect in the room or using an electronic bug zapper in the garden. Now there is an effective product called salt gun coming out on the market which can make bug hunting not only easy and convenient, but fun.

Common Ways to Kill Insects

 Some insects are not harmful but can be nuisance pests. Some of them carry bacteria or germs, which can cause and spread serious diseases. Anyway, they are not welcomed and are wanted to be ridden from our house. There are several common ways to hunt or drive away insects.

  • Keep doors, windows or other entry points shut and prevent insects from entering.
  • Routine housekeeping practices. Keep trash cans clean or well-sealed, clear decaying food, regularly clean kitchen or bathroom, clean dirty mops or areas under appliances like refrigerator, and deal with areas with water such as gutters and drains to remove potential fly breeding areas.
  • Set up fly control devices. Use ultraviolet light traps or bug zappers to attract flies, or electronic swatter to kill the bugs.
  • Try fly sprays or insecticides. Take care to prevent direct contact with skin or eyes and avoid inhaling them when using insecticides.

What Is Salt Gun?

 The salt gun kills or dispatches pesky insects and garden pests by firing a concentrated blast of salt. It is safer and more hygienic than a fly swatter and any insecticides. Made to hunt bugs in a less messy manner, this type of fly gun is non-toxic, easy to operate and convenient for indoor or outdoor use. This bug gun often looks like a toy, but for safety reasons is not a toy. It is no joke to flies. It is fun and effective to target and shoot bugs if you get close.

Salt Gun Reviews

ProductClatterans Hot Summer Gift Flies Killer Salt Blaster Outdoor Salt Shooting Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun
ColourBlue WhiteYellow
Press TypeHandHand
OperationEasy to useEasy to use
Safe for Pets/ChildrenNo No
MaterialABS Plastic Plastic
ApplicationFlies, Mosquitoes, Roaches, Cabbage Worms, Aphids, Stinkbugs and MoreHouseflies, Mosquitoes, Poisonous Spiders and Other Insects
Brand Recommended AgeAdult or 18 Years +Adult


Clatterans Hot Summer Gift Flies Killer Salt Pepper Bullets Blaster Pistola Airsoft Kill Mosquito FlyToy Outdoor Salt Shooting – Blue White

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The Clatterans Fly Salt Gun is constructed of high-grade ABS plastic which has proven to be powerful in shooting a regular table salt to decimate pesky pests without making a mess. It is non-toxic and safe to use. No batteries are required and any ordinary table salt is applicable. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, this bug salt gun can eradicate a variety of insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs and more. Furthermore, the salt rifle is easy to operate and suitable for adults. This salt shooter with a reasonable price becomes one of the top-rated picks at Clatterans. Get rid of all annoying insects from your house and protect your lawn while have fun doing it.


Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

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The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Gun is efficient and kills houseflies and other airborne insects by shooting a pinch of salt and squeezing a trigger. Safe to use, this fly shooter with a non-slip textured handle is for sustained comfort and control. It is fun and interesting to use this insect killer. The fly killing gun is recommended for adults and ideal for flies and other insects. It is a great solution to dispatching bugs and insects. While compared with Clatterans Fly Salt Gun, this insect gun is more expensive.


 Clatterans Fly Salt Gun stands out with incredible durability, impressive safety, high performance and unbeatable cost. It can protect your garden and make your home free of pesky insects. For safety, you should keep it away from children and pets. This insect salt gun is available in various color selections with a super sale. Check out Clatterans to save more now.  


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