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Is Tap Water Safe for Your Pets? Should Them Drink Filtered Water?

With water being an essential part of a pet’s health, a pet owner must pay extra attention to their pet’s water intake as well as the water quality. Let’s find out if tap water is safe for pets and how to ensure healthy water for them.

Find Out the Truth About Tap Water

Find Your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

A CCR is an annual drinking water quality report which provides information on your local water quality by July 1st each year. You can know about where your tap water comes from and what’s in it.

Buy a Home Water Testing Kit

If you want to know more about what contaminants are in the water, try an informative and easy-to-use water testing kit for home. A testing kit usually includes testing for bacteria, lead, iron, alkalinity, pH, hardness, chlorine, copper, nitrate and nitrite and pesticides – a general concern for most people’s wellness.

If you wouldn’t drink this water, you shouldn’t give this to your pets. That’s the ultimate answer for “Is tap water safe your pets?”. There is a much easier solution to this: buy a refrigerator with water dispenser.

Refrigerator Filtered Water Can Help You Out

Drinking water from a refrigerator dispenser is as convenient as drinking from a faucet, while it offers perks that tap water cannot.

Fewer Contaminants

A refrigerator water dispenser takes its water from the plumbing system. By forcing the water through its activated carbon filter inside the fridge, it clears contaminants in the water. The porous carbon efficiently traps pollutants, particles and small-sized organic impurities like chlorine, aluminum, lead, copper, pesticides, bacteria and microbial cysts. As everyone knows that contaminants can cause health issues in people, it does the same on pets. Thus, using a refrigerator water filter is the easiest way to guarantee your pet’s health. Besides, some premier refrigerator filters, like Clatterans’, keep beneficial minerals in filtered water to improve the water’s qualities.

Filtered Water Encourage Your Pets to Drink More

A refrigerator water filter can significantly improve tap water’s taste by removing 99% of chlorine and 30-40% of fluoride in it. Too many pets, especially dogs and cats, don’t drink nearly as much as they need to, which would lead to vomiting, weight loss and bad breath, even kidney failure in the end. As they tend not to drink enough water if it doesn’t taste good, a refrigerator water filter fixes this problem like a piece of cake. What’s more, buying a refrigerator water filter can last for at least six months, much more budget-friendly than purchasing bottled water every day.

Your “Wet” Pets Will Appreciate it Too

As not all pets are fluffy, the amphibians, fishes and more “wet” pets also love clean, filtered water. Instead of drinking water, they absorb it through their skin, so that they are actually more sensitive to water quality than the furry pets.

In short, clean filtered water can help you and your family/pets. It is beneficial for everybody’s health and buying a refrigerator water filter is simple. Click here and look around for the model that fits your fridge. We will deliver it right to your doorstep. Remember, the better water your pets drink or absorb, the less likely you’ll be hit with hefty vet’s bills.

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