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The Best Gravity Water Filtration System Buying Guidance | Cheap Water Filters Replacements

You can never let your guard down when it comes to the quality of drinking water, nor shall you forget that in the old days, unsafe drinking water was the culprit causing people to get diarrhea and even die. Though now the drinking water has better quality, you have to prepare household water filters in your house to ensure the optimum safety of your drinking water. 


Out of convenience and portability, the gravity water filters are the best choice for hotels, dormitories, rent houses, offices, and families with needs. Moreover, there are several other advantages we would like to put it on our top picks. 

  • It eliminates disease-causing toxins
  • It is easy to maintain 
  • It doesn’t use electricity 


The Best Gravity Water Filter


Referring to gravity water filtration units, Berkey’s products are the existence we cannot ignore. Berkey is a household brand, known as a professional water filter company in providing trust-worthy water filtration systems. Its products are often found top-rated in the industry, convincing customers with great features and promised performance. Among Berkey’s popular products, the gravity water filters are remarkable for their convenience and excellent filtration capacity.


Its powerful purification system has been proven and tested in different laboratories. The high-performance filter unit is effective in filtering out any contaminants from the tap water. It removes 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, inorganic minerals, and other heavy metals, providing us safe and healthy drinking water.


There is one shortcoming about the Berkey gravity water filter – it is expensive. But don’t worry, there is a less expensive alternative available at Clatterans.


Clatterans Indoors & Outdoors Water Filtration System 3.25 Gallons



The filtration capacity of this water purification system is amazing. It can remove harmful chemicals, bad tastes, odors, and can filter out 99.99% bacteria, heavy metals and other particles as tiny as 0.9 microns. The gravity water filtration unit also features a durable housing made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. With a large volume of up to 3.25 gallons, the water filter unit can serve drinking water for four to six people. 


How Does Gravity Filtration Work?


The gravity water purification system works without electricity, and a complete gravity filtration system usually includes carbon filters and fluoride filters.  But it can also be installed separately. And sometimes, the fluoride filters are not necessary. If you live in an area where the water is high with fluoride, then you might need to install one. In most areas, the countertop filtration systems will work perfectly enough with the carbon filters.



The Function of Carbon Filter



The carbon filters adopt high-efficient coconut carbon filter for premium filtration quality. Their activated coconut carbon is low in containing ash, and has a large number of micropores, a high level of iodine as well as superior durability, all of which contribute to an efficient filtration capacity. These filters are thus able to capture most contaminants, and the filtered water can always meet a healthy level.


Functions of the Fluoride Filter



This fluoride filter is made for the reduction of fluoride in water. Besides fluoride, it also removes arsenic and other residual heavy metal ions. Some areas might purposely add fluoride into the urban water for the health of residents’ teeth, while some others might not. Before you decide whether to install fluoride filters, you’d better have a thorough investigation of the water quality in your area.


Buy the Best Filter Replacement at A Lower Price at Clatterans


Whether you are using a Berkey water-cleaning unit or a Clatterans gravity water filtration set, you can buy carbon filter replacements or fluoride filter replacements at Clatterans with an affordable price. 



There are separate packs and combine packs of the carbon filters and the fluoride ones available on Clatterans.com. They are compatible with both Berkey brands and clatterans. In addition to the price, the quality is guaranteed. As Clatterans is dedicated to bringing you and your family worry-free water filtration systems, using safe and premium materials are always your top choice.


Replace the filters every six months


The impurities especially particles can build up in the filters, clogging the micropores that are responsible for filtration. The accumulating buildups will decrease water pressure, or even contaminate the water in return. Normally, a filter is required to be changed every six months, but this should depend on the water consumption volume in your family. Once you feel the water flow becomes slower or the taste fails to please us, you might consider a replacement. Moreover, new replacements need to be flushed for several gallons, or there will be bubbles or stale taste in the first pitchers of water.


In The End

Regarding the capacity of removing fluoride, portability and easy maintenance, the gravity filters are worth buying compared to other higher priced products. If you are looking for durability and affordability, Clatterans offers what you need.

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