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Top Three Benefits of Shower Head Water Filters | Shower Head Water Filter Buying Guide 2020

Concerning the safety of household water, we should pay attention to not only the water for drinking and cooking, but also the one for showering, because the shower water has a tight connection to our health.


Benefits of Using Shower Head Water Filters


Remove harmful chemicals

There are still many chemicals in urban water even though it has been purified in the water-supplying plants. The rust in the transmission water pipelines, residual chemicals from the water plants, by-products produced by chlorine reacting with other chemicals, and more, all of them can complicate the chemical content in water. As these chemicals do no good to our health, it is necessary to purify the tap water on our own.


Improve respiratory illnesses

Some studies say, people are more likely to take in chlorine and chloramine through breathing compared with drinking. Chlorine is irritating to our airway, causing cough, asthma, headache, fatigue and other symptoms. Equipping the shower head with a filter can decrease the chlorine level dramatically not only in the water but also in the air.


Improve skin and hair

Chlorine in the water can irritate acne, take away natural moisturizing oil on our skin and hair, and damage the growth of probiotics on the surface of our skin. As a result, chlorine causes dry skin and hair loss. A shower head filter can be the game-changer. It can capture about 99.99% of chlorine and thus ensure the health of our skin and hair.


The Best Shower Filters Checklist


Clatterans offers the best water filters for showerheads. In the meantime, shopping on clatterans.com, you can get both affordability and premium quality.


Clatterans Shower Head Filter with Double Filter



Price: $59.99

This shower head filter features a dual filter. The internal one is composed of composite activated carbon fiber, whose absorption rate is 5 times of the traditional carbon, and can remove 99% of chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, beneficial minerals will be reserved. The base of the shower head is transparent, allowing you to check the filtration process. Also, replacing cartridges is a breeze, which only requires unscrewing the base and fit the new replacement in. The life span of the filter is six months. Tested by SGS and with FDA certification, this shower head filter guarantees its quality and safety.


Clatterans 13000 Gallons Shower Filter for Hair & Skin Health

Price: $69.99

This 13000-gallon shower filter is an in-line shower filter, suitable for most household shower systems. It is easy to install, as a user manual with detailed instructions is included. The filter system includes two filters, a PP cotton filter and a composite activated carbon fiber. Altogether the double-filter structure offers a high capacity in reducing chlorine, magnesium, calcium and other harmful minerals. As a result, the filtered water will be soft and healthy for the skin. The 13000-gallon shower filter has been certified by FDA and SGS.


Clatterans 10-Stage Shower Water Filter for All showerheads



Price: $29.99

This is an affordable choice for budget-tight users. With a low price, the shower water filter offers a filtration capacity good enough for producing clean and healthy water. First off, its filtration structure is composed of 10 stages, which make it powerful in filtering out impurities such as mold and fungus, and risky chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. The inline shower filter applies to all types of showerheads, such as handheld showers, overhead showerheads or shower combos. With a shell made of chromium plating, it is durable for long-term use. The filter is required to be changed every six months.


Clatterans Shower Head Filter SF750 



Price: $39.99

It will be comfortable to shower with this SF750 shower head filter. The shower head filter adopts LUV current-limiting technology and 118 tiny laser-cut cone-shaped water holes on the head surface for strengthening the water flows. At the same time, the design can save 30% of water. The composite activated carbon fiber filter can remove chlorine up to 99%, and combined with CND technology, it can capture impurities as tiny as 10 microns. The shower filter also features a unique design that the filter cartridge can be installed without identifying the positive side or the negative side. When a clogged situation occurs, the cartridge can be turned upside down for shortly extending its lifetime. Considering the price, this shower head filter is worth buying.


IONSPA BATH1000 Scientific 8 Stage Filter System Shower Head


Price: $109.99

This IONSPA Shower Head highlights ionization technology, which means it purifies water through ionization. Ionized water has a positive effect on the skin such as moisturizing and cleaning pores. The filtration process is completed by a 2-stage filter, which has high performance in removing particles and contaminants, keeping our skin clean and soft. What’s more, the shower-water purifier is water-saving. It supports four people to use for up to six months.

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