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Is it Safe to Drink Refrigerator Water When You’re Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you have a lot of safety issues to concern. For example, you may wonder if you can drink cold water during pregnancy. Will your baby get pneumonia or become asthmatic etc from that? The answer to all this is no. However, there are still some tricks about drinking water properly as to help your baby grow better.

About Drinking Refrigerator Water

There are so many taboos and myths surrounding a pregnant lady’s daily life. You are not allowed or suggested to do this or that for some unclear reasons. Some pregnant women are practically forbidden to drink cold water during pregnancy which has no medical basis at all. Scientifically, it is always safe to consume cold drinks. Whatever temperature the food or drinks is, when it reaches the stomach and intestine, it will change to body temperature. Hence, taking cold drinks will not affect your growing baby. It only makes sense if you have a cold that you’re staying off refrigerator water and filling up on warm fluids. As a matter of fact, the basal body temperature of pregnant women is higher than normal for a few more months. You will be constantly sweating and generally feeling hot. It is safe that you drink refrigerator cold water or even ice cubes to stay cool. This won’t cause your babies born asthmatic or with pneumonia as long as you keep it in moderation.

Because the uterus/womb is close to the digestive tract, you may notice that baby moves around when you drink cold water as it stimulates the baby. Sometimes, doctors will ask pregnant women who feel concerned about their baby’s movements to drink cold water and check for baby’s movement.

What You Should Really Pay Attention to

Recommended Drinking Amount Per Day:

Mums need to drink more fluids during pregnancy to compensate for their increased blood volume and the fluid surrounding the baby. It is recommended that pregnant women should drink an extra 1-2 glasses a day, so ideally about 8-10 glasses in total each day.

Water Toxins to Watch for During Pregnancy

Lead is one the most serious toxins which exposure during pregnancy will cause babies with reduced cognitive function, lower IQ and increased attention-related behavioural problems. It may get into tap water when lead pipes that bring water to your neighbourhood or that are in your home corrode, leaching lead into the water.

Nitrate/nitrite. Groundwater supplies in rural areas are most likely containing high-level nitrate as which usually comes from sewage and fertiliser run-off. Although nitrate itself is harmless, it can be converted into nitrite, which mainly poses a problem to babies and young children – it can reduce the amount of oxygen the blood can carry. What’s more, high levels of nitrates and nitrites have been associated with thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women — which in turn can lead to pregnancy complications and reduced IQ scores and other neurodevelopmental effects later in kids.

Industrial chemicals. These enter the water supply from the factory and manufacturing plant runoff and have been linked to a slightly increased risk of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications.

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What You Should Avoid

A pregnant woman must avoid gassy/carbonated drinks. Carbonated sodas contain caffeine, which in large amounts has been linked to miscarriage and they are also the source of empty calories only. Consuming sugary drinks, especially the artificially sweetened ones during pregnancy may increase asthma risk in mid-childhood according to studies. During hot weathers, you can take cold milk and dairy products that provide a large amount of calcium needed to build the baby’s bones and teeth. Forget about sodas and other beverages. Keep drinking water and milk at a high ratio.


Water is great for pregnant women, no matter warm or cold. You should drink 8-10 glasses in total each day and avoid carbonated sodas. Remember to buy a premier refrigerator water filter to get rid of water toxins every 6 months.

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