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Fun Facts: How Filtered Refrigerator Water Benefits You

It’s well known that our body is composed of about 60% of water and drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Body fluids have multiple functions, such as digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. So, drinking healthy and uncontaminated water is vital to kids as well as adults. Although, in most developed countries it’s easy to drink water directly from the tap, it doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.

Side Effects of Drinking Tap Water

According to the Associated Press, the water supply in most American cities contains chlorine, fluoride, and varying amounts of dissolved minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates. It is also common to find traces of iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, nitrates, insecticides, and herbicides. What’s more, there is a vast array of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones in municipal water supplies. It will be decades before we know the long-term effects of ingesting random cocktails of partially-digested prescription drugs.

Advantages of Drinking Filtered Refrigerator Water

Having an effective water filter inside your fridge to remove contaminants from your water supply, is an easy way to ensure the water you consume is healthy and safe. Refrigerator water filters use high-quality activated carbon and various technologies to remove impurities and contaminants; they are affordable and easy to install. There are a lot of benefits of drinking filtered refrigerator water:

Better Taste and Always Pleasantly Cold

Some chemicals added to municipal water, such as chlorine and fluoride, can give an unpleasant taste to your water. With a quality charcoal filtration system right in your refrigerator door, you can eliminate bad tastes and odors for fresher water and ice. A further benefit that distinguishes refrigerator water filters from other home water filters, is that your drinking water will always be not just filtered, but also pleasantly cold. This is especially nice during hot seasons.

It’s Cost Efficient

Refrigerator water filters are very cost-effective means of getting the pure, fresh-tasting water you want. Most refrigerator filters can purify at least 300 gallons of water before they need to be replaced. When pricing replacement water filters for your fridge, be sure to consider the volume of clean water you’re going to get for your money. It will almost certainly be far less than the cost of buying the same amount of bottled water.

Reducing Waste

Speaking of buying bottled water, it is not an eco-friendly behavior. The impact of bottled water on the environment is catastrophic. The environmental harm from the plastic bottle is created and fulfilled once the used bottle is tossed in the trash. While recycling is admirable, one must also consider the energy that also went into the production of those bottles. By switching to cups or reusable water bottles, you can reduce plastic waste.

Easy to Obtain

With a filter properly installed in your refrigerator, there will always be ready-to-drink, clean water, so that you don’t have to wait. Unlike all other home filters of tap water, refrigerator filters do their job while you aren’t using them and store the filtered water in a container. You can enjoy a supply of clean, cool water or ice whenever you like. All you have to do is remember to change your filter about every six months or watch out for the red indicator light that tells you your refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced.

Best Refrigerator Filter

Clatterans is certified by IAPMO & NSF/ANSI standards 42 which is designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminants (chlorine, taste, odor, and particulates) that may be present in public or private drinking water. With high-efficient coconut activated carbon, it reduces 70+ contaminants, including 99% of lead, mercury, chlorine, pollutants, pesticides, pharma and cysts. Top sellers among Clatterans refrigerator filters are for model w10413645a, edr4rxd1, Whirlpool water filter 4396841, edr1rxd1, ukf8001 and more. They are compatible with all famous refrigerator brands, such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Frigidaire, LG and GE.

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