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The Most Effortless Way to Lose Weight

Do you have any weight loss programs or want to figure out how to lose weight fast? There are studies that indicate drinking water does help weight loss. How exactly does drinking water help us lose some extra weight? Well, let’s take a look!

Drinking 17 Ounces of Water Half An Hour Before Meals

Drinking 17 ounces of water a half hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a three-month period, will help you lose 2.2~3.3 pounds more weight, compared to those who did not drink more water, according to studies.

Why does it have to be done before meals?

The intake of a certain amount of water prior to meals helps to suppress your appetite. It is realized by sending stimuli to your cerebral cortex, making you feel that you have been full to a certain degree and don’t need much food. Naturally, your desire to eat will be impaired.

However, drinking water alongside meals may temper the natural absorption of nutrients after digestion, as Dr. Anju Sood, a renowned nutritionist, said. It could also cause an expanded colon. Thus, it is not recommended to drink water during your meals.

So is water after your meal. It is also suggested that drinking water after meals is conducive to digestion and absorption of food. One important reason appears to be diluted and decreased gastric juices, which plays an important role in digestion. The absence of gastric juices will make you feel hungry faster than usual and as a consequence, against the original intention to eat less but resulting in eating more.  

Both before or after-meal water can’t achieve the same effect of controlling appetite. Therefore, it is more recommended to drink water before meals. One thing to keep in mind—the half-hour interval between meals and water is necessary.

Drinking Ice Water

Drinking cold water boosts the burning of calories! It is said that our bodies need to expend more energy to warm up. Are you convinced? It actually works, however, just accounting for a smidge of calories it’s not worthy of mentioning.

But surely, if you are striving to lose weight, even a little bit of calorie burning will be great comfort towards progress.  

When you are drenched in sweat, do you have a desire for a cold beverage to cool down your body temperature? Cold water is healthier, and can also produce an equivalent effect which is pleasing to your taste buds, and excite your further need for water. That makes things easier to achieve daily need of water, doesn’t it?

Drinking Water Instead of Carbonated and/or Sugary Drinks

The following list may give you a better view of the calories of beverage drink. Different kinds of beverages drinks contain different amount of calories.  

Beverages Calories/12 ounces
Soda 124-189
Diet soda 0-7
Bottled sweet tea 129-143
Unsweetened tea 4
Unsweetened orange juice 157-168
Unsweetened apple juice 169-175
Tomato/vegetable juice 80
Cranberry juice cocktail 205
Whole milk 220
2% low-fat milk 183
1% low-fat milk 154
Nonfat (skim) milk 125
Soy milk 147-191
Water 0

You can see from the table above that water tops the selection for dieting people without a doubt, and diet soda ranks the second. However,  water still beats diet soda in amount and cost. After all, if the intake of diet soda is not limited, it is still likely to increase your caloric intake.

Many people would run into a wrong thought process—why can’t I use carbonated or sugary beverages to ensure supplementing the moisture of the body. Assuming you have sweetened apple juice each meal each week, it turns out that you would be bound to gain extra weight of about 10kg in one year!

Drinking Water When You’re Stressed

It is worth a shot to soothe and calm your mood by gulping down water. Studies show that people suffering from the pressure of family or work can’t relax efficiently are easier to bring about fat synthesis. An adequate intake of water can promote a better outcome of positive mood. Compared to those who would become overeaters once stressed, people who have a good habit to drink more water to wash away bad moods appear to be slimmer.    

Tips to Drink More Water

Add some flavor in your water. For instance, slices of lemon, mint leaves, tea or others that make your water more flavorful but won’t cause any increase in calories.

Apps reminder setting. Install an app which specializes in reminding you drinking water regularly is more effective to develop you a good habit. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock half an hour before meals!

Use Clatterans filters. Pollution free water leaves you no worry about water security. Clatterans’s refrigerator water filters are dedicated to eliminating toxins such as herbicides, pesticides, cysts, pharmaceuticals, dissolved metals, volatile organic chemicals and more, by adopting advanced technology. Don’t let the odor of tap water be a barrier to drinking more water. With this water purifier, healthy and refreshing ice water will be served at any time! There are different types of water filter appliances to meet your needs.

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