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How to Buy the Best Refrigerator Water Filters | Five Ultimate Tips

It is well known that clean and safe water has positive effects on the human body. While tap water is proven to be unsafe for consumption because of the dangerous chemicals like fluoride and chlorine it contains, more people turn to choose the thrilling water purification technologies that are used in refrigerators. A high-quality refrigerator water filter can help you to get clean and icy water. However, many new buyers may find it challenging to buy qualified and compatible filters for their refrigerators. Keep reading the following tips to understand how to avoid making mistakes and buy the best refrigerator water filter.

Choose the Right Fit

The most crucial step to buy a new replacement filter is to check its compatibility. Let’s face it: there is no such thing as a universal water filter; you must find out what type of water filter works with your fridge first. The easiest way to find the right filter is to remove the old one from your fridge and look for the part number printed on the filter. Type it into the search box in the top corner of the website you want to buy from and hit enter. If you insist on installing the wrong filter, it could lead to irreparable damage to your refrigerator or severe water leakage. Please make sure you pick the filter that fits properly.

Choose the Right Brand

There are a lot of compatible refrigerator water filters on the market daunting you. It’s not necessary to go with expensive OEM filters, but you need to buy from reliable brands to avoid counterfeit filters, especially from Amazon or eBay. Counterfeit water filters are way riskier than off-brand and generic filters and they have made their way into Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces all over the country. Here are some tips to avoid buying a counterfeit water filter. First, most fake filters are lighter than the genuine ones as their carbon is looser and lighter. Secondly, genuine water filters are NSF certified and have the symbol stamped on the product. Counterfeits may have a fake symbol or they may be missing a certification mark altogether. What’s more, counterfeit filters’ packaging is usually with substandard printing or running colors.

Choose the Right Certification

When you buy a filter, you don’t just want one that allegedly cleans up your water supply. It is a serious issue of performance, quality, and ultimately, safety. You need to make sure that the filter is certified by NSF International, the one and only specific authoritative body, with a number of standards regarding water filtering technology. For example, its NSF/ANSI Standard 42 is for the capability of removing substances that alter the taste and smell of water, like chlorine. As long as your filter bears the authentic NSF certified seal, you can basically take your water purification for granted.

Choose the Right Capabilities

A fridge water filter’s capability is measured in terms of microns which means water filters with low microns have the highest filtration capabilities. Carbon filters are the most common and effective way to filter water. They bond with contaminants as water passes through the carbon. A single pound of activated carbon has 200 miles of pores and fissures, and offers an absorbing surface area of 4 million sq ft. Ensure you consider the filter’s capabilities before advancing on any other factor.

Choose a Cost-effective Package

If your budget is limited, the last thing you want to do is continually wasting money on expensive refrigerator water filters which only last for six months. You can choose online stores – their prices are usually much cheaper and you do not have to waste time and extra transportation fee to go to the store.

Reasons To Choose Clatterans Coconut Activated Carbon Filters

Clatterans is certified by NSF & IAPMO and meets NSF/ANSI standards 42. Our high-quality refrigerator water filters use coconut activated carbon which is microporous and is more efficient than coal activated carbon. They reduce chlorine taste and odor and 70+ contaminants, including 99% of toxic heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and microbial cysts. We send the filters directly to your doorstep so you don’t have to waste your time driving to a specialty store or getting lost in dozens of different models.

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